Cutting Corners Mitre Makers Ltd is a company that produces solutions for the Flooring Industry.
Our Internal (CCFM1) and External (CCFM2) Floormitres® are distributed in Great Britain and Ireland by Quantum QPSL Ltd,Salmon Fields,Royton,Oldham,Lancashire OL2 6JG UK
They offer strength, support ,consistency and uniformity to the vinyl in cap and cove installations. Cap and Cove is used in Hospitals, Surgeries, Labs, Wet rooms,Disabled toilets etc. and contribute to longevity and reduce costs.
Our Patented Trimitre CCTM1 can only be purchased by contacting
Cove former at 35mm which is the same radius as our products is also available from Cutting Corners.
As well as the Flooring Industry the Trimitre CCTM1 along with the External Floormitres CCFM2 is also used extensively in the Paint and Coatings Industry. Cutting Corners can also supply Flamed 3 Metre lengths of 35mm cove former CCCF2 to ensure a smooth finish.   
The Trimitre is equally at home at Wall/Floor and Wall/Ceiling junctions and creates a radiused corner which is called for in ISO Standards to facilitate cleaning.The Trimitre is now being used extensively in high end pharmaceutical industries that include Astra Zenaca and Thermo Fisher. Contact us using the e-mail below.