Cove Solutions for the Flooring Industry.

For use in

  • Flooring Industry
  • Sterile Environments
  • Modular Construction
  • Paints & Coatings Industry
  • Clean Room Environments

Internal & External Preformed Coves.

Our preformed cove solutions offer the Internal and External Floormitre products that can be used in any standard ‘cap and cove’ installation.
The very latest innovative coves provide a smooth, uniform and a consistent surface where sheet vinyl can be installed and then hot welded to a very high standard. No more cutting and free- handing and fashioning cove former. Our products are all 35mm radius and work in conjunction with our cove former.
  • Internal Floormitre CCFM1
  • External Floormitre CCFM2
  • Cove former CCCF1
internal and external coving

“I won’t do a job without them.”

“Since being introduced to the coving system by Cutting Corners, I haven’t done a job without them. It solves a number of issues and gives you the finish you need for a perfect corner.”

Billy Scott – Vinyl Cleanroom Specialist

trimitre corner system clean air room

Trimitre Preformed Cove.

Our preformed patented Trimitre 3 way cove solution is an integral component of our GMP cleanroom system and can be used in a wetroom installation. The Trimitre has also been used in the hygienic paints and coatings industry when hygienic coatings are applied.

  • Trimitre CCTM1
  • Cove former CCCF1

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